Thursday, 25 March 2010

Many Firsts

It's a time for many first, this is my first blog, my first blog past and it's gonna be about my first attempt at quilting. To prepare I trawled through site after site of how-to's,tips, advice etc until I felt I couldn't learn anymore without actually giving it a shot. Full of optimism, I dug out my scraps, made a template and started cutting. In theory, it was going to be the perfect quilt, small but nice, coordiating colours, contrasting patterns, seams that match up and an intresting pattern. Sewing the blocks together to form a row went smoothly: then I started to sew the rows together. The seams still matched, but the columns were starting to look wonky, yet I blindly thought "once I've run the iron over it, it will be fine". Wrong. As I ironed it the wonkyness of it all just seemed to become even more apparrant (if possible!). In the end i just decided that maybe I wansn't cut out to be a quilter, and for the near future will be sticking to bags :)