Sunday, 30 May 2010

Summer's Coming!

Huraahh summer is on it's way-finally!! It is starting to get warmer and to the point where jeans aren't comfortable anymore and I realised I don't have any nice skirts. Obviously I need to change that. I dug around a bit until I stumbled upon some turquoise linen my aunt had given me a while back. It was exactly what I needed and so I set to work. I had just bought an invisible zipper foot and was itching to finally use it so decided to just go for it and give it a go. Suprisingly, it worked, the skirt fits and I'm pleased with the outcome. Now when I get home I put on my skirt, twirl around and lay in the sun and chill...pure bliss. I also feel like a hippie when I wear it with anklets on my feet, bangles on my arms, a flower in my hair, running through the grass barefoot...

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