Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Tad of Dressmaking

Okay so this is a pic of my sis (yes, we are twins) wearing a dress I made for her. Christmas and New Year we were in England and she was looking for a dress for a New Year's party. We traipsed round and round but couldn't find any dresses that she liked: wrong pattern; to long; wrong colour; wrong shape etc. I made a detour to Abakhan (gotta love that place) and found this sequin material in the sale, was about 4 pounds for 2 metres? When we got home I started drafting the pattern and then started sewing. I didn't have a sewing machine (it being in Germany and all) so sewed the whole thing by hand. I sewed all night then got up early to finish it before she went off to her friends. Needless to say she was very suprised but loved it :D In the end she didn't wear it but thats another story...


  1. dont get why she didnt wear it, looks amazing! you go girl! i want a sis like you :P

  2. You are so sweet!!! What a good sister. :)

    Thanks for the comment, your blog is awesome!