Monday, 1 November 2010

Felty-ness (:

Okay so I got sidetracked by school again but I swear I will try and blog regularly now :P The first picture is of a robot pin and the second of en elephant one :) It's kinda hard to tell but the robot has one embroidered X as an eye and one spotty button :) He also has a cute lil heart <3 Both are already pinned on my school bag, otherwise I would have taken better photos... The second picture is of a zombie heart keyring that is also on my bag. I saw some similar ones on and on other websites and designed to try it out. It was actually incredibly fun to make and I love it :) (btw incase anyone was wondering, I buy all my felt and findings, ribbons and buttons from - check it out :) ) I will post a tutorial and pattern on CO+K soon :)

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