Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Baggy Goodness

So sorry that I havn't blogged in a good 2 months (shocking isn't it?!) but it's been the summer holidays and I've been away for most of them :). I have been busy making bags though, a lot of them which I will show you over the coming weeks :P Right now I am excitedly awaiting a package from The Cotton Patch containing metres of fabric delights :D They will turn into bag goodyness, however I did ordere two mini charm packs (first ever!! :D) in an attempt to kick start my quilting experiences again :P I thought the chances of it going wrong and slighlty smaller if I can be sure the fabric has atleast been cut properly :P We will see how it goes...(maybe you will even catch a glimpse ;)) On another note, there will soon ( I promise!!) be a tutorial up! Wahey!! (btw that is IKEA fabric and I love it! <3)

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